DAY 1 - Friday 24 Nov 2023

Session 1: Innovation in Medical Education
Moderators: nullProf.Dr. Mohamed Al-Asha, nullProf.Dr.Nicandro Figueiredo
09:009:100:10Introduction - Welcome Speechnull Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Asha
09:109:500:40Plenary speech - lifetime achievementsnull Prof.Dr Amin Kassam
09:5010:050:15The Study of Errors in Neurosurgerynull Prof.Dr.Mark Bernstein
10:0510:200:15Neurosurgical training in Era of AInull Prof.Dr. Ahmed Ammar
10:2010:350:15Neurosurgical training in UAE: Future Horizonsnull Dr. Mohammad Alolama
10:3510:500:15Coffee Break
Session 2: Spine
Moderators: nullDr. Imtiaz Hashmi, null Dr. Ahmed Allam
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
10:3011:3001:00BrainLab Satellite WorkshopnullDr. Justin Van de RietImage Guided Planning for DBS
10:5011:100:20Hybrid cervical surgery- current medical evidencenull Prof. Nicandro Figueiredo
11:1011:300:20Cervical arthroplastynull Dr. Steffen K. Rosahl
11:3011:500:20Craniocervical junction malformationnull Prof. Dr. Andrei Joaquim
11:5012:100:20Minimally invasive TILFnull Prof. Imad Hashim Ahmad
12:1012:300:20Endoscopic spine: uniportal and Biportal techniquesnull Prof. Dr. Dae Won Cho
12:3014:00Prayers + Lunch Break
Session 3: Neuro oncology
Moderators: nullDr. Gopalakrishnan C V, Dr. Aneela Darbar
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
14:0015:0001:00Bayan Medical Co. Satellite Workshopnull Symposium speakerVisualization and Maneuverability Aesculap
Aeos Robotic Digital 3D Microscope on
clipping intracranial aneurysm with
Aesculap YASARGIL Aneurysm Clips
14:0014:200:20Awake Craniotomy - Lessons Learned From a 30 Year Experiencenull Prof.Dr.Mark Bernstein
14:2014:400:20Surgical approaches for pineal region tumorsnull Prof. Dr.Maurizio Iacoangeli
14:4015:000:20Intraoperative tumour visualisation.null Dr.Carlos Velásquez
Satellite Workshop
null Prof. Dr. Steffen K. RosahlMost clinically
effective technology
in the cervical total
disc replacement market
15:0015:200:20Low Grade Glioma: shift in paradigmnull Dr. Faisal Farash
15:2015:400:20Endoscopic Ventricular Surgerynull Dr.Amr K. Elsamman
Session 4: Skull Base: Endoscopic
Moderators: nullProf. Dr. Nicholas Thomas, nullDr. Mohamed Samy Elhammady
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
16:0017:0001:00Zahrawi Satellite Workshopnull Symposium speakerInsight Into Advanced Neurosurgical Techniques And Therapies
16:0016:200:20Expanded Endoscopic skull base surgery – complications avoidance.null Prof. Dr. Amin Kassam
16:2016:400:20Suprasellar lesions: from above or below?null Dr. Caroline Hayhurst
16:4017:000:20Endoscopic approaches to cavernous sinus and petrous apexnull Dr. Alessandro Paluzzi
17:0017:200:20Skull Base reconstruction and CSF leak repair.null Prof. Dr. Francesco Doglietto
17:2017:400:20Endoscopic Orbital approaches:null Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Asha
17:4018:000:20Panel Discussion

DAY 2 - Saturday 25 Nov 2023

Session 5: Open Skull Base
Moderator: nullProf.Dr.Maurizio Iacoangeli, nullDr. Alessandro Paluzzi
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
09:3011:0001:30Amico Satellite Workshopnull Dr. Stewark Tucker Defarmity collection enabled By 3D and Pulse
09:009:200:20Petro-clival lesions: approach and complications avoidance.null Prof. Dr. Nicholas Thomas
09:209:400:20CPA mengingiomasnull Prof.Dr .Luciano Mastronardi
09:4010:000:20Foramen Magnum Meningiomanull Prof. Dr.Maurizio Iacoangeli
10:0010:200:20Surgical approaches to cavernous sinusnull Prof.Dr. Luis A B Borba
10:2010:400:20Surgical approaches for craniopharyngiomanull Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Asha
10:4011:000:20Panel Discussion
Session 6: Spine
Moderators: nullProf. Dr. Andrei Fernandes Joaquim, nullDr. Waleed Heikal
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
11:0012:3001:30BrainLab Satellite Workshopnull Dr. Justin Van de RietImage Guided Planning for DBS
11:2011:400:20Neuromuscular scoliosis -updatesnull Dr. Ziad Ibrahim Aljian
11:4012:000:20Posteriro dynamic distraction device for adolescent scoliosis.null Dr. Marc Sinclair
12:0012:200:20Management of traumatic spino-pelvic dissociationnull Dr. Marcus Head
12:2012:400:20The role of technology in mitigating the risks of spinal surgerynull Dr. Sameh Abolfotouh
12:4013:000:20Scoliosis: tips and pitfallsnull Dr. Nader M. Hebela
13:0013:200:20Sagittal balancenull Prof.Dr. Claudio Lamartina
13:2013:350:15Exhibition and Posters
13:3514:050:30Lunch break
Session 7: Vascular/Endovascular
Moderator: nullProf.Dr. Luis A B Borba, nullDr. Tareq Rayan
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
14:0015:30 01:30Proxy Satellite Workshopnull Dr. David Mason, Dr. Ron El-HawaryOrthoPediatrics: Dedicated
to Pediatricscoliosis.
Virtual Masterclass - Advanced
Non Fusion Solution: ApiFix.
Hands-on workshop.
14:1014:300:20Complex AVM management strategies null Prof. Dr. Mario Teo
14:3014:500:20Complex aneurysm surgerynull Dr. Muhammad Sajjad
14:5015:100:20Complex aneurysm: endovascular managementnull Dr . Roger Barranco Pons
15:1015:300:20Bypass surgery: is it still alive?null Dr. Mohamed Samy Elhammady
15:3015:500:20Management of Dural AV fistulasnull Dr. Jawad Yousaf
15:5016:100:20Multimodal treatment of AVMnull Dr. Waseem Hamed Aziz
Session 8: Functional, Pain and Epilepsy
Modeartor: nullDr. Mohammed Al Olama, nullDr. Tanmoy Maiti
FromToDurationTopicSpeakersSatellite Workshops
15:3017:0001:30Zahrawi Satellite Workshopnull Symposium speakerInsight Into Advanced Neurosurgical Techniques And Therapies
16:1016:250:15Movement disorders multidisciplinary managementnull Dr. Shivam Om Mittal
16:2516:400:15Movement disorders surgery: ablation or neuromodulation?null Prof.Dr. Ahmed Alkhani
16:4016:550:15SCS – indications and techniquenull Dr. Mohamed El Toukhy
16:5517:100:15Surgical management for pain.null Dr. Jibril Osman Farah
17:1017:250:15Surgical approach for Epilepsy: what can we offer?null Dr. Jibril Osman Farah
17:2517:400:15Brachial plexus injuries : surgical managementnull Dr.Debora Garozzo
Session 9: Free Paper Sessions
Moderators: nullDr. Imad Hashim Ahmad, Dr. Babak Humapour
FromToDurationTopicAbstract Speakers
17:4017:500:10Advancing Surgical Precision: Extended Endoscopic Endonasal Approach for
C1-C2 Traumatic and Inflammatory Lesions
Dr. Alessandro Di reinzo
17:5018:000:10Clinical and radiological outcomes following stand-alone anterior cervical
discectomy and fusion for three or four level cervical degenerative disc disease
Dr. Siddharth Vankipuram
18:0018:100:10Spinal cord stimulation for back and leg pain - fad or rad, what does
the long-term real world data show?
Dr. Amad Naseer Khan
18:1018:200:10Surgery has good outcomes in radionecrotic masses secondary to
stereotactic radiosurgery for AVMs
Dr. Masna Bin Inam
18:2018:300:10The Angiographic Characterizations of High-Grade Gliomas:
A Single-Center Case Series
Dr. Zahra Alsadah
18:3018:400:10Woven Endobridge (WEB) embolization of bifurcation aneurysm; Transition
from WEB-able aneurysm to WEB-suitable and finally WEB-perfect one,
based on personal experiences of 10 consecutive cases.
Dr. Won Huh
18:4018:500:10Utility of Ultrasound in Minimally Invasive Surgical Evacuation of Intracerebral
Hemorrhage: Correlation with Preoperative and Postoperative CT Imaging
Dr. Amer Helal
18:5019:000:10Closing Remarks / Best Poster & Best Free Paper AwardProf. Dr. Mohammed Al-Asha,
Prof. Dr. Nicandro Figueiredo

DAY 3 - Sunday 26 Nov 2023

Cadaveric Lab Workshop
FromToDurationGroup A: spineGroup B: spineGroup C: Cranial
09:009:150:15null Prof.Dr Claudio Lamartina
Topic: XLIF and 360 lumbar spine:

null Prof.Dr.Andrei Fernandes Joaquim
Topic: Craniocervical Fixation
null Dr. Alessandro Paluzzi
Topic: Endoscopic principles: Transsphenoidal and septal flapss
09:159:300:15null Dr. Wael chaaban
Topic: Spine endoscopy
null Dr. Ziad Ibrahim Aljian
Topic: MIS Posterior Scoliosis
null Dr. Caroline Hayhurst
Topic: Advanced Sagital Plane Approaches: Trans tuberculum / Trans Planar

null Prof. Dr. Amin Kassam
Topic: Trans-Clival approach and C1/C2 anterior approach
09:309:450:15null Dr. Sameh Abolfotouh
Topic: Posterior costo-transversectomy for corpectomy
null Prof. Dr. Imad Hashim Ahmad
null Prof. Dr. Francesco Doglietto
Topic: Advanced Coronal Plane: Trans Pterygoid
Complex skull base reconstruction techniques- temporalis fascia /periosteal flap
09:4510:000:15Coffee break
10;0013:003:00null null null
Prcatice: Group A
null null null
Topic: Prcatice Group B
Practice 5 skull base
endoscopic skills
13:0013:450:45Lunch break
13:4514:00null Prof. Dr. Andrei Joaquim
Topic: Craniocervical Fixation
null Prof.Dr Claudio Lamartina
Topic: XLIF and 360 lumbar spine:
null Prof.Dr. Luis A B Borba
Topic: Anterior and Middle Cranial fossa: Orbitozygomatic/ Middle fossa /TC

null Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Asha
Topic: Eyebrow approach for suprasellar
14:0014:15 Dr. Ziad Ibrahim Aljian
Topic MIS Posterior Scoliosis
null Dr. Wael chaaban
Topic: Spine endoscopy
null Prof.Dr .Luciano Mastronardi
Topic: Middle Fossa - Kawase approach
14:1514:30null Prof .Dr.Imad Hashim Ahmad
null Dr. Sameh Abolfotouh
TOpic: Posterior costo-transversectomy for corpectomy
null Prof. Dr. Nicholas Thomas
Topic: Posterior fossa/ far lateral

nullProf. Dr.Maurizio Iacoangeli
Topic: Presigmoid /retrosigmoid Approach For Cp Angle And Petroclival Region
14:3014:400:15Coffee break
14:4017:30Practice Group APractic Group BPractice 5 Skull base endoscopic skills
17:3017:45Closing and feedback - Group Photo