Cadaveric Workshops - 26 November 2023

The cadaveric lab workshop on day three has state-of-the-art equipment in a dedicated lab with multi-chromatic injected cadavers (Rhoton quality specimens).

Endoscopic skull base: Instructors from USA (Amin Kassam), WFNS (Luis Borba), U.K. (Nick Thomas and Alex Paluzzi)

*Five endoscopic skills will be presented for hands-on training by candidates: -

  • Basics of endoscopic skull base and transsphenoidal
  • nasospetal ‑ap and skull base reconstruction
  • Trans tubercular/Trans planar approaches
  • Trans pterygoid and trans cavernous approaches
  • Trans clival approaches
  • Transorbital endoscopic approaches

Also, Open Skull Base you will practice the following: -

      • Microsurgical approaches to Cavernous sinus
      • Orbitozygomatic approach and Middle fossa approaches
      • Retolabrynthine and retrosigmoid approaches
      • Pineal gland region anatomy
      • Approaches to third ventricle

Spine: Instructors from Germany, Italy, and Spain. You will practice the following techniques: -

XLIF - XALIF - OLIF - posterior cervical-thoracic - MIS TLIF - Endoscopic microdiscectomy (Trans Foraminal and Inter-laminar).

Satellite Workshops - 24-25 November 2023

The scienti­fic programme runs parallel with six dry-lab training workshops covering: - Advanced NEURONAVIGATION and Tractography. - Deep brain stimulation planning. - Principles and techniques of cervical arthroplasty and MIS lateral and anteriospine techniques (Models). - Robotic Neurosurgery and Robotic Microscopes. - Principles of Neurosurgery Management of Pain. - Intraoperative Neurophysiology Monitoring principles.

Amico Satellite Workshop

Title :   Most clinically effective technology in the cervical total disc replacement market .

Room: Kajam , Level – 2

Speaker Name : Prof. Dr. Steffen K. Rosahl


Title :   Defarmity collection enabled By Reline 3D  and Pulse

Room: Kajam , Level – 2

Speaker Name :Stewark Tucker

BrainLab Satellite Workshop

Title : Image Guided Planning for DBS  .          

Summary: Dive deep into the Brainlab Elements portfolio. How advanced planning solutions assist in 3D visualisation for the benefit of neurosurgery and neurology. Creating a patient specific software ecosystem.

Room:  Caroli , Level – 2

Speaker Name : Justin van de Riet.

The Netherlands. DBS Consultant EMEA.

Zahrawi Satellite Workshop

Title : Insight Into Advanced Neurosurgical Techniques And Therapies

Room:  Errai, Level – 2


Proxy Satellite Workshop

Title : OrthoPediatrics: Dedicated to Pediatricscoliosis
Speaker Name : David Mason


Title : Virtual Masterclass – Advanced Non[1]Fusion Solution: ApiFix
Speaker Name : Dr. Ron El-Hawary


Title : Hands-on workshop
Speaker Name : Dr. Marc Sinclair


Room: 26, Level – 4

Bayan Medical Co.

Visualization and Maneuverability Aesculap Aeos Robotic Digital 3D Microscope on Clipping Intracranial Aneurysm with Aesculap Yasargil Aneurysm Clips